During the celebrations of the Independence Day of Indonesia on the  August 15th , 2007, in Ambon-the capital of the province of Maluku, The PT Seram Energi Lestari, which is the partner company of the FRI, signed with the state energy distributor PT PLN a cooperation agreement concerning the construction of plants producing electricity from biomass. The agreement was signed by the Board of Directors of PT PLN from Ambon in presence of the representatives of the Board of Directors of PT PLN of Jakarta and of the local province authorities (Seram Bagian Barat) represented by the the Bupati  J.F.Puttileihalat.


By the September 15th 2014, there will be signed a 15-year contract for sale of the 6,0 MW of the electricity (The Power Purchase Agreement), deriving from the  investments in biomass based Energy Recovery Plant on the island of Seram. This is to be the first of five planned investments in this region. The Board of Directors of PT PLN has called for the as soon as possible  implementation of the planned investments, declaring all possible help and expressing an interest in the construction of the new such an establishments throughout Indonesia.


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In the days of 27.06.2014-7.07.2014 the Board of Directors of the Fundusz Rezerw Inwestycyjnych sp. z o.o. paid a working visit to Indonesia. The result of the visit is among others achieving of the  agreements on terms of the sale prices and on conditions of connection to the grid network of the installation to be built in Indonesia, on the local energy market.
We are pleased to announce, that within the framework of the negotiations carried out with the national grid network operator in Indonesia and namely the company PT PLN, the partner company PT Seram Energy Lestari had been offered the price at about 20% higher than price at the usual preferential conditions specified in the government issued tariff for electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Our partner had declared, that in the framework of the present electricity demand within the area of the island of Seram, stated by the Board of Directors of PT PLN in Ambon and by the local authorities, it will build four more electricity manufacturing facilities of green energy, and each of them with a  capacity at 6,0 MW of electric power. The estimated value of the future contract is at the USD 140 million.

The partner company of the FRI, which is the Biomass Energy Project S.A., had entered into an agreement concerning the construction of the seedlings Industrial Multiplication Plant, with planned annual capacity at 5-6 million units. The company is being in course of negotiations related to conclusion of the agreement on the establishment in the area of Kebupatenu Seram Bagian of the energy crops plantation with the working space at about 2,000 ha. The technology offered by the Biomass Energy Project S.A. is assuming the diversification of the energy crop related seedlings and aimed at optimization of the final energy outcome.

The meeting with the directors of the Treasury Department and of the International Banking and Corporate Banking Department of the Bank Mandiri was a continuation of the previous preparatory arrangements made.  The Mandiri Bank is the largest bank in Indonesia and at the same time  the correspondent bank of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego-BGK (National Economy Bank) specialised, among others in the financing of Polish exports. After presentation by the Board of PT SEL of the feasibility study to the project, the bank Mandiri established a working contact with the BGK bank in order to take advantage of the credit line assisting Polish exports.

In the days of the 14.08.2014-23.08.2014 there is planned another visit of the representatives of the FRI in Indonesia. The Board of Directors of the FRI  has received an official invitation to participate in the celebration of the independence day of Indonesia (August 17th ), during which in presence of the authorities, there will be signed a contract governing the provisions of electricity supply and running  a project  of establishing of energy crops plantation.


On the 01.04.2014 the FRI, acting in agreement with the Fluid S.A., has made purchase of real estate consisting of a traditional plot with construction building licences, situated in Sędziszów, at the Przemysłowa Street and at the corner of the Spółdzielcza Street, directly adjacent to the terrain on which the company Fluid S.A. completes construction of the  Energy Recovery Plant, based on the biomass processing.

The estimated value of the property purchased, together  with the buildings is at PLN 800,000. Settlement of the transaction took place in the form of transfer by the FRI of ownership of the 270,000 shares  belonging to the Fluid S.A. at the seller’s account in the form of the civil - legal agreement.

The FRI will lease the property to the Fluid S.A. with guaranteed the pre-emptive right.

The property which is the subject of the transaction is of strategic importance for the future development of the Fluid S.A. It was the only property available directly adjacent to the Fluid S.A. parcel.  The warehouse storage of the output products  (biochar briquette) and parking place will be established there  and the existing building will be adapted to requirements of the Fluid S.A. company offices.


In connection with the Communiqué  of Fluid S.A. of 26.02.2014  and referring to a number of questions from the part of investors the FRI, informs,  that it does not intend to increase its direct involvement in the company S.A. Fluid in scope of the forthcoming  next 12 months.

At the same time, according to information passed on by 26.02.2014 through the www.fri.com.pl, the FRI declares that the involvement in the company Fluid S.A. will take place through increasing participation of the companies being part of the whole capital group.

The involvement of the FRI company into the  Fluid S.A. activity is of a long-term and strategic nature. The purpose of FRI is establishing of a group bridging the production of biomass, its processing in accordance with the FLUID technology and sale of the finished products and output.


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